Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions below before agreeing to be tutored by Grade 9 Tutors. The Terms and Conditions may occasionally be updated, therefore existing tutors and students should check the website for changes (updated on 01/01/2024).

1 Definitions

1.1 "Tutor" means a person that has the appropriate qualifications and experience to provide tuition services to a Tutee.

1.2 "Tutee" means a child that has the intention of entering into a contractual relationship with a Tutor for the provision of tuition services.

1.3 "Contract" means the agreement between Grade 9 Tutors and the Tutee for tuition services.

1.4 ”Client” means a Tutee and/or a parent/guardian of a Tutee.

2 Client responsibilities

2.1 When a Tutee enrols with Grade 9 Tutors, a Contract is entered into by the Client and Grade 9 Tutors.

2.2 A Tutee should aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start of a lesson. Any student who arrives late can only expect to be given the remainder of the lesson.

2.3 A Tutee is expected to bring relevant equipment such as pens, pencils, paper, and calculators.

2.4 All payments should be made in cash, 4 weeks in advance. If lessons are missed without notice no refund will be provided.

2.5 The Client must give reasonable notice to Grade 9 Tutors for illness, holidays or any other reason for absence of a Tutee in order not to forfeit the advance payment made for a lesson.

2.6 The Client should give a minimum of one week notice if you no longer wish to continue.

2.7 A Tutee is expected to follow Health & Safety and fire policies and procedures.

2.8 A Tutee is responsible for their own personal belongings. Grade 9 Tutors will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

3 Tutor responsibilities

3.1 A Tutor with Grade 9 Tutors must have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide tuition in English, Mathematics, Science and/or 11+.

3.2 A Tutor takes responsibility for information that he provides to a Tutee of Grade 9 Tutors.

3.3 All information provided by a Tutor to a Tutee of Grade 9 Tutors must be accurate and kept up-to-date.

3.4 A Tutor of Grade 9 Tutors is responsible for providing a suitable teaching environment and for organising lessons for a Tutee.

4 Miscellaneous

4.1 We will provide the correct Tutor for your child (specialism, qualification and experience), however if you feel the Tutor is not right for your child you should inform us as soon as possible.

4.2 Grade 9 Tutors is not responsible for any result received by a Tutee or any consequence that examination grades entail.

4.3 Grade 9 Tutors cannot be held liable for any damages, loss or expense caused by any Tutor introduced by us to any Client.

4.4 The code, brand and intellectual property of the Grade 9 Tutors cannot be reused. All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the brand and website are owned by Grade 9 Tutors. It is prohibited to copy, distribute or create any derivative work from the Grade 9 Tutors website.

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